About Us


About Us


We strive to make all natural products that are made from ingredients from nature that will not break your pocket. Our products are cruelty free because we have never tested on animals and we never will. Our products are free of sulfate, parabens, aluminum, and baking soda.  So, come take a walk on the Natural Side!


Because you care about you!!!! Why put something on our body that may be harmful or even cancerous when we have all-natural and organic products around us that will make our body and hair healthier than before.

Our Commitment to You

This journey started 20 years ago with me shaving all of my hair off. I wanted to go natural and it was not very popular back then. I was a young woman walking around with a mini afro. Then my hair began to grow back so much more healthier. If I could cut the relaxer out of my hair and it grow back healthier, what else could I start to use that was natural and healthier for me. Once my hair started to grow back I noticed the products that I used were not really working on my natural hair type, so I got in the kitchen and started experimenting with coconut oil and all of it’s benefits. I discovered there were so many natural oils, herbs, powders, and butters that I had never heard of or knew existed. In the midst of all of this I was a single mother raising a daughter on my own. I would use my hair concoctions on my hair and my babies’ hair. I would also make all natural products for us if we got sick such as cough drops, chest rubs, and vaporizing liquid. Once my daughter was old enough to go to the beauty shop, they would always want to know what I used on her hair. They wanted to charge me extra also because of the thickness and how much hair she had. My own hair was long enough now to wear in a puff ball so that was my signature hairdo and it was thick and pretty. I had numerous people to ask me “Now what beauty shop did you get that bun from”, no ma’am, this is all me…..:). As the years went by I was still in my kitchen making whatever I could with natural ingredients I had. Then I started to pay attention to the ingredients in my favorite lotions and deodorants, my soap and toothpastes. I was shocked. There were ingredients that I could not pronounce and when I would look them up, they seemed more harmful than good. It inspired me to make some of my own products. So in 2014 I got started to put testers out there and asked one question “Did it work for you”? I would get honest feedback and that inspired me to keep going.  I would work on my craft for years.


About Our Story

There are thousands and thousands of goodies out in nature that we’ve never heard of or used but I’m committed to bringing some of them to you, my customers. Here we are in 2020 and the natural products that myself, my children and family, and early customers have come to love, I am ready to share. Peace and Love!